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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                135

tournure, and the minister of marine (as I am told
at his bureau) has been reprimanded about it,
and will meddle no morej so that all chance
of my being allowed to see Sir Sidney is at an

Lord M.'s instructions from Lord Grenville
were so positive that he could not put it off any
longer; it is ill-managed. We have an example in
General O'Hara that the only way to deal with
men who have overleaped the bounds of law and
right is moderation, and patient watching for the
proper moment. Things were going on so well!
Probably a little further delay would have com-
pleted the business. I see it en noir.

This affair may also prove of evil consequence
to the Choiseuls, taken at Calais, and already
tried, but their judges declared incompetent by the
Directory, The object of my mission will also be
more difficult to accomplish, and I foresee a great
deal of bad blood and haggling. I have the
comfort to say it is no fault of mine, for I kept
back the evil hour a fortnight. The Directory
are very angry at Sir Sidney Smith's release being
so much insisted upon, and the cartel stopped
on that account. They seem to wish that we
should think they consider him as an incendiary.

Cussy, the 6migr6, was guillotined yesterday.